Manufactured Housing Laws and Legislation



Chris Christie has signed into law a bill which MHOA-NJ members worked dilligently to see passed. This law provides that the prevailing (winning) party in a manufactured housing lawsuit is entitled to attorney’s fees and costs. SB-2018 was signed into law in January 2014. Congradulations to all the hardworking MHOA-NJ members who called and wrote on behalf of manufactured home owners across the state.

New Jersey Manufactured Housing Profile Factsheet and State of the State: New Jersey Manufactured Housing Policy Factsheet 2012! (prepared in conjunction with the National Consumer Law Center).

NJ Laws that apply to Manufactured Housing


NJ Legal Services Truth in Renting Handbook

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§2A:42-10.10 Tenant Reprisal Law This law prohibits landlords from retaliating against tenants for organizing or joining a tenants organization, or making good faith complaints to the landlord or public officials about a landlord's violation of health and safety codes. Tenants can sue landlords who violate this law for civil damages

NJ Manufactured Home Protection Act

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This law covers the relationship between Park Owners and Home Owners in terms of lease requirements, sale and purchase of MH, and Community Requirements.


Affordable Housing Act

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This law details the role of Manufactured Housing as affordable Housing and governs the planning and zoning that restricts the use of MH in some communities. Requirements.



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Tax Treatment of MH in NJ 

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