Manufactured Housing Laws and Legislation



Manufactured housing and the people who live in these communities are often overlooked by policy makers and the people who govern them. Many issues are of critical importance to residents of manufactured housing communities such as rent control, landlord /tenant relations, taxation, home financing, energy efficiency, and community preservation. MHOA-NJ is actively involved in meeting with state organizations, creating alliances with affordable housing advocates and advancing a progressive policy agenda. Twice a year MHOA-NJ organizes a Manufactured Housing Taskforce. These meetings focuse on crafting and implementing our policy agenda and improving interactions with the state, county and municipal agencies. Our aim is to create an informed and educated alliance of MH advocates and key policy persons.

We organize MHOA NJ Annual Lobby Day in Trenton so that homeowners of manufactured housing can speak directly with their elected representatives. We have also created a MHOA-NJ local policy position on the Board which is your contact person for municipal policy issues such as rent control. You may also contact our MHOA-NJ legislative policy representatives any time for information about new legislation or legislative efforts by MHOA-NJ.

Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard and remind decision-makers that it is their job to represent YOU!


New Jersey Manufactured Housing Profile Factsheet and State of the State: New Jersey Manufactured Housing Policy Factsheet! (prepared in conjunction with the National Consumer Law Center).

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